Celebration of New Ministry

On Sunday, May 15, the parishioners of St. Philip’s held a celebration of new ministry, with our new minister, Canon Nancy Beale. Canon Nancy has been with St. Philip’s, in shared ministry with St. Andrew’s in Wellington, since October 2021. We knew this was a good match as soon as we started worshipping with Canon Nancy, and we decided a lovely day in May would be a great time for this celebration!

The service was officiated by Bishop Peter Mason, who is retired and now living in Wellington, and who joyfully steps in for Bishop Michael Oulton when the need arises. And it did, as Bishop Michael fell ill and was very disappointed to not be with us. Bishop Peter’s sermon on pastoral care and reaching-out was well received, and a good reminder that caring for those around us and inviting our “neighbours” is what God calls us to do. Click here for the service leaflet.

Archdeacon Charles Morris lead the service, and our Regional Dean Richard Hetke read Canon Nancy’s letter of appointment. Supporting Nancy from the pews were representatives from a previous parish in Stirling, St. John’s, Waupoos, and St. Philip’s. Here are some photos from the service.

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