Happy 100th Birthday!

Phyllis Walker, a long time member of St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Milford, is turning 100 in July. Now you normally don’t reveal a girl’s age – but this is a pretty big deal, so we want to let you know a bit about Phyllis. This is from the St. Philip’s Roots & Wings article in the July, 2023 South Marysburgh Mirror:

We are very excited to introduce you to Phyllis Walker, the soon to be newest South Marysburgh centenarian! Phyllis started her life as a Pounder, born in Thomasburg, Ontario, on July 8, 1923.

Photo Credit: Glendon Walker. Here, with his mother, Phyllis Walker

Phyllis’ family had moved to South Marysburgh and the Milford area, with her father David Pounder being a cheesemaker on Royal Road, who also opened Pounder’s General Store in 1930. The store was located in what is now known as Milford Bistro. Phyllis married Donald Walker in 1943 and became an active and beloved member of the Walker family. Phyllis and Donald had three children; Glendon, Donna Faye, and Anna Lynn, all who grew up in South Marysburgh, and Glendon and Donna Faye continue to reside here. Phyllis trained as a bookkeeper at the Ontario Business College in Belleville. She was bookkeeper for Millerdale Farm, Cherry Valley Canners, Walker’s Greenhouse, and Walker’s Garage, all family businesses, until 2006. Phyllis prepared the Walker’s books all by hand – an art that is now truly lost!  Phyllis, Donald and the family were active members of St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Milford, where Phyllis enjoyed to worship and was active with the ACW (Anglican Church Women). Like many of the Pounder family members Phyllis was also very musical – not trained but played by ear. Phyllis lived in the farmhouse across from Walker’s Garage on County Road 17 until 2012, when she moved to Hallowell House in Picton, after a nasty fall that resulted in decreased mobility. Phyllis has told Glendon that Hallowell House is a great place to live; she likes the food, and the girls are wonderful to her! There will be a “small” celebration (about 30 immediate family) is planned for Phyllis’ big day – so on Saturday, July 8, 2023, please raise a glass and send best wishes Phyllis’ way!