Saturday Morning Talk on Honey Bees

We were pleased to have Julie White, from Long Point Honey Co., at our November 2023 Saturday Morning Talk.

In her presentation Julie discussed her evolving thoughts about sustainability and beekeeping, addressing such topics as: is there such as thing as organic beekeeping? and do honey bees threaten native bees? Also, what’s the relationship between beekeeping and agriculture? and are honey bees in danger?

All who attended Julie’s talk enjoyed her lively presentation. Julie told us that she practices ‘organic beekeeping’, with strict rules that puts bees’ well-being first. However, due to pesticide use near her farm, Julie cannot be certified organic at this time.

Julie captured the audience with her explanation of the origin of honey bees, their relation to native bees and their role in growing food. We all could tell that Julie is very passionate about her work and takes excellent care of her bees by interfering as little as possible in their activities.

An honorarium was provided by the County Sustainability Group, and Julie was thanked by a member of the County Sustainability Group, and the St. Philip’s Creation Care Group, Josef Cihlar.