Monthly Prayer Circle

Most months St. Philip’s Milford hosts a Prayer Circle. At this circle we pray for the current cares and concerns of the people of our parish, our county community, our country, our world. Join us on the third Thursday of the month at 10:00 a.m. And we will post our prayers on this page, should it be your wish to pray along.

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Our January 2023 Prayer Circle is based on the prayers and study provided by the World Council of Churches.

Our November 10, 2022 Prayer Circle upheld the children in our lives, the children in our world. We pray for their health, their joy, happiness and their peace.

Click on the photo for our Prayer Circle text from November 10, 2022

The people of St. Philip’s, like so many around the world, are heartbroken by the war in Ukraine. Click on the photo below to view the prayers we prayed at the March Prayer Circle.

Click on the photo for the March 10, 2022 prayers

To add a prayer request, please send an email here.