Saturday Morning Talks

Quinte Conservation & Environmental Sustainability

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Our April Saturday Morning Talk was held on the 27th, and in partnership with the County Sustainability Group, we featured Lindsay Nash from Quinte Conservation. Lindsay, the outreach and stewardship coordinator from Quite Conservation, told us about the programs offered in our local watershed which focus on the wise use of natural resources, number one being water.

The programs Lindsay mentioned include flood protection and water quality control efforts, and she also talked about shoreline restoration. Lindsay gave us lots of good tips, including not to mow to the water’s edge.

Why? Well, this will allow native species to thrive by the shore, and also helps prevent harmful run-off from lawns getting in the water. A bonus is that it will discourage geese from gathering on your lawn!

Lindsay also gave us several ways, as individuals, on how to be good stewards, including: minimize lawn size, keep leaf and yard waste out of the waterways, pump and maintain septic systems every three to five years, plant a “rain garden”, and don’t forget to compost! Lindsay mentioned that there are grants and free site analysis and recommendations if you would like help to naturalize your property. Lindsay provided an excellent overview of Quinte Conservation programs, activities and services from a “home owner” viewpoint.

Lindsay receiving an honorarium from Don Ross of the County Sustainability Group

Lindsay wrapped up her presentation with a gift of a red oak tree to St. Philip’s, which we will plant on our property very soon! If you want to learn more check out the Quinte Conservation website.

Our next Saturday Morning Talk will be in the Fall – stay tuned!

Sheep & Wool (and More!)

On Saturday, March 16, 2024, we hosted a Talk on Sheep & Wool, and, well, a whole lot more! We had Matt and Liz from Waupoos Island Sheep speak to us on sustainable sheep rearing and management, and Lesley from Rosehaven Yarn Shop on the different types of wools, which are sustainable and better for us and the environment.

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Backpack Ministry in the County!

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On Saturday, February 18, we welcomed Mary Ann and Bill Barrett to speak at our Saturday Morning Talk. Mary Ann and Bill lead the Backpack for Migrant Workers ministry at Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bloomfield.