Lenten Collection for Henry Budd College

Our Lent tradition at St. Philip’s is collecting monetary donations for the Henry Budd College of Ministry. Have you heard about Henry Budd? Henry was the first Indigenous Anglican priest – ordained in 1893. The college is an academic institution of the Anglican Diocese of Brandon. Their purpose is to equip (primarily but not exclusive) Indigenous person in The Pas, Manitoba. The college has had on-line courses way before COVID-19, and so has been able to teach and train people from all over Canada and beyond.

The College has a pretty tight budget, so every donation helps. And we are so pleased that our annual collection helps the coordinator, Reverend Dr. Kara Mandryk, with costs such as producing Baptismal Preparation and Wedding Preparation documents. This is a ministry we totally get behind, and we hope you prayerfully consider a donation to our collection.

Want to make a donation? Click here for how you can do it!