Season of Creation

St. Philip’s Anglican Church, Milford, along with Christians around the word, are joined together to pray and care for God’s creation. The annual Season of Creation observed from September 1 to October 4 is an important focal point for us. Click here for more information about how the Diocese of Ontario is celebrating the Season… Continue reading Season of Creation

Keeping up Upkeep!

Maintaining a historic property with an active ministry is hard work – inside and out! This week 4 of our parishioners dedicated hours of hot, back breaking! work on our driveway and parking lot. We can’t thank Leigh, Josef, Murray, Ted and Bruce enough for their dedication to our beloved St. Philip’s Anglican Church in… Continue reading Keeping up Upkeep!

We start with the truth

Nancy Dyson and children from St. Michael's Residential School watching preparations for the potlatch, Alert Bay, B.C., 1970. Photo: Dan Rubenstein

Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth, but for us to ever consider reconciliation, it is where we have to start. The Anglican Journal’s Matt Jordan interviewed a couple who came to work at the St. Michael’s Residential School in Alert Bay, B.C., in 1970. A powerful quote from the interview speaks to us… Continue reading We start with the truth

Gather. Pray. Grieve. Heal.

The voices of the children have risen from the grave, through the prophetic power of resurrection and, standing with their redeeming saviour, point us all towards the justice of the World to Come, the justice which is embodied in the good life, the good walk.  This quote, from Archbishop Mark MacDonald’s letter to us, upon… Continue reading Gather. Pray. Grieve. Heal.