Saturday Morning Talk on Honey Bees

We were pleased to have Julie White, from Long Point Honey Co., at our November 2023 Saturday Morning Talk. In her presentation Julie discussed her evolving thoughts about sustainability and beekeeping, addressing such topics as: is there such as thing as organic beekeeping? and do honey bees threaten native bees? Also, what’s the relationship between… Continue reading Saturday Morning Talk on Honey Bees

Worshiping with our New Bishop!

On Sunday, November 12, Bishop William Cliff came to St. Philip’s, and St. Philip’s gave him a warm Milford welcome! The Bishop blessed a beautiful Archdeacon’s cincture, presented to Canon Nancy on her appointment as a new Archdeacon for the Diocese of Ontario. The cincture was lovingly created by our own Eleanor Johnston, pictured here… Continue reading Worshiping with our New Bishop!

Welcome Bishop Cliff!

Many members of our St. Philip’s family were able to attend the Service of Installation and Seating of the 13th Bishop of Ontario – The Rt. Rev’d William Grant Cliff. The service was held at the Anglican Cathedral in Kingston, and was well attended by many acting and retired Bishop’s – truly a sign of… Continue reading Welcome Bishop Cliff!

Blessing of the Animals!

We held our Blessing of the Animals on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, at 5:30 p.m., and with the great weather were able to be outside! Blessed are you, Lord God, maker of all living creatures. You called forth fish in the sea, birds in the air and animals on the land. You inspired Saint Francis… Continue reading Blessing of the Animals!

Another Successful Pork & Corn Roast Dinner!

Wednesday, August 9th was a busy day in Milford! St. Philip’s held our annual Pork & Corn Roast dinner, and once again, it was a successful event! The dinner includes slices of delicious pork roast, two types of salad – macaroni and coleslaw – sliced tomatoes, delicious new potatoes cooked to perfection and soaked in… Continue reading Another Successful Pork & Corn Roast Dinner!

Happy 100th Birthday!

Phyllis Walker, a long time member of St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Milford, is turning 100 in July. Now you normally don’t reveal a girl’s age – but this is a pretty big deal, so we want to let you know a bit about Phyllis. This is from the St. Philip’s Roots & Wings article… Continue reading Happy 100th Birthday!